Building Gaming PC in a Low Budget

Personal computer for gaming or also called gaming PC is different from the computer for basic functions. Many people think that building gaming PC requires more budget than the basic one since it has specific components. We have to admit that most gaming PCs built by vendors come in very high prices. But, it does not mean we cannot get the cheaper one. As long as we understand how to build low budget gaming PC, then we will get a good quality one without have to spend too much budget.

how to build low budget gaming PC
how to build low budget gaming PC

Actually, building a gaming personal computer or special PC for game is easier than we might think. If we think that buying a complete PC is too much expensive, building a custom one is cheaper. We have to tell a fact that the budget you have to prepare for a custom-built gaming PC is less expensive than if you buy off-the-shelf. Also, a custom gaming computer can be designed based on your personal gaming needs.


Here are some steps you can do to learn how to build low budget gaming PC:


The first thing you have to do is to know the system requirements of the games you want to play with the PC. Here, you will have to buy or prepare the components for the games with the highest requirements.

Next, it is better to find a good retailer for buying the parts of the gaming PC. You have to read plenty of customer reviews, not just for the store you want to purchase the hardware from, but also the reviews of the PC hardware itself.

If you have found the right store, buy the CPU and the motherboard separately. Why you should do it? If in the future you think you might upgrade the CPU, the motherboard of the PC should be able to accommodate a faster CPU than the one you use now. For a gaming PC, the motherboard should have multiple PCI upgrade slots and PCI express or AGP slot. Do not forget to make sure that the CPU has many USB ports because maybe you will use various devices in it, such as Internet access point, mouse or even a game joystick.

Follow the motherboard manufacturer’s instructions when purchasing RAM. For example, if the instruction says that you need 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM DIMMs, of 1GB each, with a speed of 1333, 1066 or 800 MHz, it means you must have RAM which fits with those specifications exactly. If you purchase the wrong RAM, the computer will be failed to operate. At least, you have to use 1 to 2 GB of memory to suit most graphics-intensive games effectively.

Get the fastest and the largest hard drive you can afford. It is recommended to get a SATA drive because SCSI drives do not give much additional performance.

If the motherboard supports the specification, get a PCI Express video card. Otherwise, get an AGP card. Get the graphics card which supports most games. In the market, the most common options are ATI Radeon and nVidia GeForce. Do not forget to find an audio card which suits your needs. When the games you play most are in 3D, you need a sound card which can processes 3D sound.

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